May 31: deadline for preferential changes for any contract filed on May 31, 2020 or before May 31, 2020. Visit to log in and get the access settings. Once you have applied for your UWM application, we will send you a confirmation. Contracts are issued from December and are issued once a week, until August, to newly admitted students. Once you have entered into your contract, a $100 payment fee will be paid into your UWM PAWS account. May 31: Deadline for students to terminate their contract and to have always refunded $50 of the 100 $US. Cancellation terms after that date expire the entire $100 down payment. Starting in January, we will be sharing online contracts on university housing for all current students in residence. Returnees have the option of concluding their housing contract online for the following year. In March, returnees will then have the opportunity to participate in the self-allocation of the returnee and to choose their own room and building, roommates and companions for the following year. When a returning resident chooses not to assign himself, he is assigned to new students according to the same procedure. To access your personal contract online or to see other information about the allocation of your university accommodation, visit the myHousing portal at

Other UWM students can apply for accommodation by sending the web form. If you have any questions about the contract, email the University Apartments Office at June 5: First scheduled day of unlocking contracts. Due to sandburg`s ongoing renovations and the delayed contract priority period, many students will not be affected that day. These missions last all summer, usually on Fridays. Students must register for MyHousing in to indicate the allocation of space as well as roommates, colleagues of the suite and assigned entry days. TBA: The first round of housing allocation for the fall of 2020 will be published on the MyHousing website. Students register to see their rooms, roommates and suitemate names. About 80-90% of students will receive their tasks on this date. The application form for the change of summer room is open to students who wish to be considered for another housing task (for deaf roommates). The contracts that can be offered are primarily given priority for students who meet one or more of the following criteria: international students, current students, students who are homeless, students in housing insecurity, students who have aged from the health care system and students with certain scholarships.

If you are not a University Housing UWM resident requesting accommodation for your stay on campus, please choose the “Accommodation Information Form” button at to submit a request for accommodation information to the UWM. You can also contact University Housing directly under Please indicate if you are part of a particular camp, conference group or internship centre when you submit your application. July 1, 2020: Priority period for applications for accommodation for students with medical considerations. Thank you for your interest in life on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Below you will find a request for interest in a contract. This request is not a binding agreement, but gives us your interest in a potential mandate for Denontestat. To easily view the terms of the contract as a booklet, visit Entry to the UWM does not guarantee on-campus accommodation. You will not have a contract, you will return it with a deposit and you will receive a letter of acceptance from the university. Some students may choose to live off campus.