The location is configurable, but in general, you should place patches.xml in %userprofile%DocumentsBnS and any additional patches (if any) in %userprofile%DocumentsBnSpatches, unless you know exactly what you are doing. There is also support for BnS Buddy style addons (.patch). Simply place them in %userprofile % DocumentsBnSaddons. Addons (*.patch): Legacy BnS Buddy Addons, which you`re probably already used to. You are only able to rudimentaryly search and replace the text in .xml files. These belong to %userprofile %DocumentsBnSaddons Not really. I`ve been using a variant of it since I started development in 2017, and I`ve never been notified or banned, or anyone else I`ve shared it with. Speculate: Internet cafes are very popular in Korea and China. So you never connect from home, just from the coffee shop where you and your friends hang out. So it is possible, if someone wants to be a tail, to claim that he never read the ToS because the café was noisy/crowded, an employee told them to walk past, yadda yadda. If you put it in front of you, make sure you can`t dispute the terms.

. No no. Each component works individually and can be used together or separately. Yes, I get it today, I agreed yesterday until about 11 p.m., as far as I could judge (the multi-instance server was screwed though). The rule is there to protect the account holder, not to punish. The rule is also a complement to other more serious rules – for example, account release cannot be used as an excuse for another rule to be broken. For the next two weeks, a teaser site has been updated and revealed more information about the project. The patch.xml format is not yet documented, but you can read and find the code or see other people`s examples.

It implements most of the relevant pugixml APIs for element and attribute nodes. Listen. I`m not so lazy to complain. The release of the account is a violation of the Blade & Soul User Agreement and an account may be closed if it is found to have been shared. Not all violations of the rules lead to the closure of an account. Just because an account is released doesn`t mean the account is blocked, and if a released account isn`t blocked at some point, it doesn`t mean unlocking is allowed.