The measures, responsibilities and expectations of the service are met and neither party can invoke ignorance in case of problems. This means that both parties will learn the same thing and the SSA will thus protect both parties to the agreement. ServiceTonic helps you automate all the SSAs you want to define, including the specific SSA. Good management of the SSA allows us: Let`s put in place realistic conditions that our company can support. You know the expectations of our customers. Let`s define concrete parameters to measure the state of our services. Respect the deadlines and conditions agreed with the customers. Let us avoid future conflicts. An agreement is a preventive communication to establish a transparent relationship. That`s why ad compliance with an SSA builds trust. For example, a network service provider might set 99.999% availability in the SLA. If actual availability is lower, in violation of SLA, the company may have to compensate its customers for the agreed penalties. This is especially important for critical services whose unavailability could result in significant economic losses.

Availability agreements are another type of very common settings used in services such as hosting or dedicated servers. Some common agreements include a percentage, network operating time, maintenance times, etc. Many INSDs refer to ITIL specifications when used in the field of information technology. The contract may include financial penalties and termination of the contract if NSB is generally in breach. The establishment, monitoring and management of the ANS is an important part of management with external suppliers. .