In short, her to ask to do this. I`m telling you to get another job. But if you really want to work there, do it. You can`t force such a stupid document on an entry-level salesman 3. Stat. No. 181.145: Non-salary worker Seller. [107] An independent seller paid on the basis of commissions for sales and not covered in point 181.13 or `181.14 (the seller is not an employee)[108] is authorized to make the payment of all commissions earned until the last business day, as follows: three business days if the commission seller is terminated by the client or if there/is a written communication of at least five days; or six business days if the commission seller resigns with less than five days of written termination. If the client does not pay the commission seller his earned commissions, the client is responsible for each day (no more than 15 days) that the client pays too late to the seller, in addition to the total amount of the commission. The penalty is an amount equal to 1/15 of the seller`s commissions that were earned on the last day of the relationship but have not yet been paid. This means that after 15 days, the client is responsible for double the amount of the commission won.

[109] This varies from land to state. The duration of the agreement must be appropriate to be enforceable in most states and, in general, non-competition obligations for agreements of more than two or three years should not be enforced by a court. Many defences against competition bans are the result of the incorrect implementation of an otherwise legitimate and enforceable non-competition agreement. Even if a non-competition agreement is appropriate and can be implemented on its terms, it may fail due to a lack of sufficient consideration. The validity of the consideration often depends on when it was offered to the employee. d. Product-based restrictions. Even a global non-competition agreement can be considered appropriate in the circumstances of the case, where the non-compete clause prevents the worker from working on competitive products. [79] Unfortunately, there are “specific facts” and there is no general statement. However, be aware that there are agreements that are subject to rigorous review by the courts and are found “on numerous occasions” to be unenforceable.

There is also the question of whether it is reasonable and applicable. If I am an employer and I do a competition that covers the entire continent for 24 months, it could be monstrous if my employee leaves, if I try to file a complaint, if I decide to file a complaint. [82] See Tenant Const., Inc. v. Mason, A07-0413, 2008 WL 314515 (Minn. Ct. App. Feb.