HSBC returned its switching bonus offer and gave $175 to new customers when they switch to the Advance or Premier current account. To qualify for the $175 HSBC switching bonus, you must pay at least $1,750 per month (or $10,500 USD every six months, excluding transfers from other HSBC accounts). Customers must also qualify for an overdraft of at least $1,000. HSBC has confirmed that once they have qualified for the account, a client can fix their overdraft at any amount up to the maximum amount proposed. I joined my current account provider because of the switching agreement they offered. I was nervous at first about the trial in case the bills and my salary had not been reviewed in time. However, the process went smoothly and lasted only 7 days. All invoice payments have been changed and my salary has passed smoothly on my new account. But to qualify for a Premier account, you must earn $75,000 a year and have a qualified HSBC UK mortgage, insurance or investment product. You can also get the agreement if you hold at least $50,000 in an HSBC UK savings or investment account within six months of opening your account or if you qualify for an international first account. If you meet all the criteria, you must receive the total payment of $175 within 30 days of the change. Elsewhere, TSB`s Classic Plus account will pay 3% AER on credits up to $1500, as long as you pay at least $500 a month and sign up for paperless account statements and an Internet bank.

Account opening and account change are separate processes. Your new bank or real estate credit union must perform “Know your customer” security checks when opening the account. Once these are complete to the satisfaction of the new bank or the new real estate credit union, you can choose and agree on your change date. The Nationwide FlexDirect account currently offers the highest rate with 5% AER. This amount is paid for the first 12 months on assets of up to $2,500, after which the rate falls to 1% AER. When it comes to choosing a current account, a foreign exchange bonus can be a nice icing on the cake – but it shouldn`t be the only thing you`re considering. Yes, as long as both parties accept the change and you move on to another joint account. It is not possible to use the service to re-register a common account on a single account. If your bank is part of the account change service, you can choose a date to change at least 7 business days after opening your account.

You can use your old account until your change date. Once this process has been initiated, only certain items can be undone. Existing customers can earn up to $500 per tax year, provided your friend requests a TSB Classic or Classic Plus account with CASS.