Once you have entered into a final agreement with Coast Professional, you will receive the statement in writing. Once you have a clearly written agreement from them, make your first payment. Don`t pay until you write your word. The aim of this legislation is to keep collection companies honest, professional and polite towards consumers. Send the debt validation letter by U.S. mail to Coast Professional and request a return confirmation. This will confirm that Coast Professional has received your letter. You must enter into a payment agreement with Coast Professional on the amount you will pay in exchange for your cancellation. You have a credit rehabilitation program in which you must make 9 consecutive monthly payments over a 10-month period. I have a somewhat strange question. After thirty days of your first payment, check your credit information with all major credit bureaus. If you still see Coast Professional listed, submit a dispute to the credit bureaus and contact Coast Professional.

Remind them of your agreement and tell them that you won`t pay again until they`ve been erased from your credit information. Department of Education DivisionCoast Professional Inc.PO Box 2899West Monroe Louisiana Office 866-681-1069Fax: 318-807-5001www.coastprofessional.com Coast Professional is also known as CPI and is a medium-sized collection company or professional collection service based in the United States. Even though this is the third step on our list, it should be done immediately. If any of the information appears inaccurate, the collection company must contact the three major credit bureaus and delete the account. This can prevent you from having to make payments. She is the subject of nearly 250 complaints to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and more than 119 complaints against her to the Better Business Office (BBB). The information contained in this article does not serve as legal advice as a general exclusion of liability. If you need a lawyer, please contact a law firm that handles credit matters, such as Lexington Law. And if you need to contact their head office, you can contact them at the following address: Coast Professional has been charged with offenses such as inaccurate information about debt information, harassment, and failure to respond to debt review requests. Related: Getting Student Loans Out of Default Quickly Coast Professional is a collection company that opens a collection account for your credit information in order to force payments for you….