Autodesk offers qualified educational institutions around the world free* annual, multi-user, and networked education licenses. For some software, students may need an automatic id to access software downloaded to the educational institution`s computers. Example: If educational institutions wish to make EAGLE software available to students in the classroom or laboratory, the educational institution must go to the educational community to obtain a license and download of the software on the educational institution`s computers. The educational institution can then allow students and teachers to access this software on the educational institution`s computers using their automatic identifier. See How to access Autodesk EAGLE for educational institutions. Educational software must not be used for commercial, professional or other for-profit purposes. * Free Autodesk software and/or cloud-based services are subject to acceptance of and compliance with the terms of the software license agreement or terms of use that are the responsibility of such software or cloud-based services. Cloud-based software and services licensed for education may only be used for educational purposes and may not be used for commercial, professional or other for-profit purposes. For some titles, it is necessary to create a license for educational networks, available upon request and authorization from Autodesk. You will find the list of products available for qualified educational institutions on request.

See: Who is entitled to an individual training license? Once you have an education account, you can upload to the education Community Software product page that you can provide to your educational institution. You need to determine if you need a standalone license or network with multiple seats. An Autodesk-sponsored design contest mentor is a person who provides advice, guidance, coaching, or instruction to competitors who participate in an Autodesk-sponsored design contest and can prove such status at Autodesk`s request. An entrant is a student or other person who has been registered, accepted, or approved by a design contest organizer or who, at Autodesk`s request, can prove such status. You can find a list of Autodesk-sponsored contests in the education community (or on the following page): The same software as professionals – autodesk-softwareprodukte, which are licensed through the educational community, contain the same functions and features as professionals in the sector through a commercial and paid subscription of products….