The licence granted in Section 1 is subject to and limited by the following restrictions: the parties should describe the licensed work in as much detail as possible, including information on the quality of the factory delivered by the licensor to the licensee for use by the licensee. For example, the agreement may provide that licensed digital images are made available to the licensee in a given format, size or dpi. The parties may then indicate whether the licence is exclusive (the licensor does not grant a licence to use the property to other third parties in the same way) or non-exclusive (the licensor may grant similar licences to other third parties), the geographical area in which the licensee may use the property and whether the licensee may change the ownership, to create what is called a derivative work. 5) The artist reserves all copyright on and on the image. (14) This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the Parties and may not be modified, supplemented or modified under any circumstances except as otherwise agreed in writing by both Parties. The rights conferred on the licensee by this Agreement are only license rights and nothing in this Agreement constitutes an exclusive assignment or license of the licensor`s rights to the artwork. Licensor reserves copyright in the artwork and all rights not expressly granted in this Agreement. Artists and other authors use copyright protection to prevent their works from being used or sold without permission. A non-exclusive copyright license allows a third-party licensor to use (but not own) a creative work while protecting the owner`s copyright. There can be many reasons to enter into licensing agreements. For example, licensing may allow a company to obtain the rights to produce or sell products on the basis of protected artistic materials, thereby generating income for both the owner and the licensee. This is easy to take with a copyright license agreement.

7) The fellow gives the artist 3 art posters and 24 note cards of the licensed products free of charge for the artist`s personal use….