This CCSA is the full and exclusive agreement between the parties with respect to its purpose and replaces and replaces in its entirety any prior or concomitant, written or oral agreement or arrangement. The parties defend themselves for not having concluded the agreement by referring to a statement other than that contained in the agreement. Cloud computing is defined as the use of computing resources, including data, software and calculations provided to users remotely via a network. The name comes from the cloud symbol used to represent the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams. Most cloud contracts contain mutual confidentiality provisions. The definition of confidential information is categorical, but may contain certain elements that each party wishes to protect as confidential information (for example. B customer data). Confidentiality obligations generally survive the termination or expiry of the contract and it is not uncommon for this survival to have a sunset (for example. B five years after the end or expiry), with or without explicit inconsistency for trade secrets. In the most recent practice, the U.S. Federal Trade Secrets Defense Act requires certain languages to be included in agreements to ensure that individuals may share confidential information with lawyers or law enforcement agencies in the course of whistleblowing activities. Since this language must be included in order to preserve certain remedies in the event of a subsequent claim to business secrecy, this language is increasingly added to agreements containing confidentiality clauses. As software and infrastructure are provided as a service, the customer should be able to terminate the contract at any time without penalty (14 to 30 days).

The supplier may require the customer to have a minimum commitment period to recover the supplier`s “investment” in the customer`s warranty (i.e. distribution costs and associated costs). If the customer agrees, the commitment period should not exceed one year and the supplier should justify its pre-charges to justify such a requirement.